Debuting The Luxury Diner at Trinity Kitchen, Leeds

We know you lovely lot in Leeds have missed us, and we've missed you, too. More than you know.


*Or rather, team S&P is back - but this time, we're exchanging our Hawaiian shirts for something a bit more blinging as we debut our brand-new brand, The Luxury Diner.

Fear not; we'll still be servicing you with familiar favourites like loaded fries and those hotdogs you loved so much, but we're also branching out with burgers and more besides - giving you more ways to treat yo'self seven days a week.

It's all a bit tongue-in-cheek - we love a spot of faking it til you make it, and believe that everyone deserves to eat food that makes them feel money, honey.

So if you're on board with the bootleg luxury vibe, come see us at Trinity Kitchen - there won't be flamingos, this time but there will be top bants, a fair few diamantes, and one heck of a lot of ritzy fast food - whether you're vegan, veggie or omni.

Also, we bought a 1980s Cadillac. But more on that later...

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