Goodbye Trinity Kitchen, we had a blast

It's hard to believe we spent the last almost-four months working seven days a week selling our hotdogs and loaded fries to punters in Leeds' much-loved Trinity Kitchen.

But we did it - and what's more, we did it without sustaining severe injuries, turning to alcoholism, or splitting up. And, most importantly, we built Slap & Pickle a lovely and loyal fanbase (aka the Little Pickles) into the bargain.

There was laughter, there were tears, there was a lot of gin consumed (courtesy of the brilliant boys at Liquor Lab). We sold a ****load of hotdogs and fries, made friends for life, and decided that Leeds might just be the place for us to treat our Little Pickles to a regular fix of the naughty-but-very-nice omni diner food they've come to love.

So watch this space because we've got plans... big plans.

In the meantime, we're taking a misty-eyed look back at some very happy memories.

The happiest workplace in Trinity Kitchen
Precision food styling (with tiny man in background)
Precision food styling (with tiny man in background)
The end of a looooong shift (and boy does it show)
Begged, borrowed or stolen, our flamingos became the most covetable items in Trinity Kitchen
Drinking on the job with Louisianna's bars' Lee 'Bad Influence' Cowell
Taking it all far too seriously as usual
And it's goodbye from us... for now...

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