We are James and Zoë, aka Slap & Pickle.
. A chance meeting (over chips, what else?) lead to romance and, latterly, a beautiful business relationship.

As our strapline says in hot pink neon, we major in 'burgers, vibes and loaded fries'.


We use Swaledale's fabulous beef in burgers dubbed by Feed head chef/general legend Jono Hawthorne as 'the best in Leeds', and smother the finest fries you've ever put in your mouth with ingredient combos that'll make you weep with joy (or at least stick a pic on your Instastories).


We call ourselves an 'omni diner' - and by that, we mean we can tailor all of our soul-satisfying, oral-gasm-generating menu items to fit vegan, vegetarian or meat-eating diets.  


Where can you try it for yourself? Seven days a week at our first permanent micro-diner at Assembly Underground in Leeds City Centre; or at various street food markets, festivals, pop-ups and residencies (eyes on our social feeds for latest).


We also offer private catering, event planning and brand activations - in fact, we're up for getting involved in pretty much any food-related shenanigans.


It's also important to mention that mental health matters to us.

In common with most of the 7.4 billion people currently residing on this rock we call Earth, we've both struggled with our own issues, and we know how important acknowledgement, understanding, awareness and compassion are. We do our bit where we can, so don't be surprised if it's a topic that we rattle on about often.